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New Low Fume Low Manganese


Safety, Economy, Productivity

Get a better working environment with the BLUESHIELDTM wires, lower in manganese and lower in fume emissions.


Premium Quality
The filler metal LA T-91 LMN has been created to ensure welder health and safety. Its low manganese levels and low fume generation breaks new grounds in consumable performance.



Up to 88% lower manganese

in weld fumes when used with ARCAL 211 gas

Up to 80% fume reduction

when used with ARCAL 211 gas


First in its class
Gas shielded, metal-cored arc welding (MCAW) electrode with Low Fume and Low Manganese emissions. To support a healthier and safer environment for welders, the filler metal LA C-6 LMN achieves significiant reduction in fume generation rates.

Up to 77% lower manganese

in weld fumes when used with ARCAL M14 gas

Up to 88% fume reduction

when used with ARCAL M14 gas

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“The deposition rate was 30% higher and defluxing was practically non-existent”

Steve Bergeron , Production Supervisor

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At Prometek, we took the decision to use Blueshield's new T91 LMN to protect the health of our employees.
Air quality standards are becoming more and more stringent and we want to fully comply with them. It was found, following tests that, combined with ARCAL 211 gas, the deposition rate was 30% higher and that defluxing was practically non-existent.
We have not yet measured the time savings with the T91 LMN and Arcal 211, but we are very optimistic.


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What influences the welding fume ?

There are several factors that can have an impact on the welding fume and on which Air Liquide can brings you the best way to improve it, as :

Shielding Gases and Filler Metals

Discover our safety products for a better peace of mind.

Other factors have non-negligible impact and must have to be taken into account to always be in an optimal situation as :

Base material and surface conditions, welding process and welding parameters.

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