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Makes your life easy

ALbee™ is Air Liquide’s line of portable, lightweight, rent-free gas cylinders designed for light industrial professionals such as plumbers, heating and ventilation professionals, auto-repair and mechanics.

With ALbee™ you can enhance your productivity by saving money and time without compromising mobility, safety and quality.

Why choose ALbee™

ALbee™ gas cylinder offers you many advantages:

An economical cylinder

  • No rental fees
  • Gas level shown at all times
  • No regulators to buy or maintain

Small but powerful

In an ALbee™ cylinder there is 60% more gas than in a standard size 9 exchange cylinder.
Even though ALbee™ is a small cylinder, there is more pressure - 3000 psig (20 000 kPa) - than in a conventional exchange cylinder - 2250 psig (15 000 kPa).

Easy to use

The ALbee™ cylinder is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Ergonomic handle and lightweight: made with innovative high-strength steel that is  as light as an aluminum cylinder
  • ON/OFF lever: to open and close very easily
  • Easy connection: it comes with a standard B-size connection.
  • Easy to set: with the graduated knob, you can set and read the operating pressure very easily.
  • Pressure gauge:  whether the lever is positioned at ON or OFF, you can see the level of gas in the cylinder with the glimpse of an eye.

Always Safe

The ALbee™ cylinder has an integrated regulator, which is fully protected at all times with a shock absorbing guard.
With its lever, you will clearly see the ON/OFF position and can therefore perform a quick cut off.
The ALbee™ cylinder is tested and inspected by Air Liquide at each fill.

Find your ALbee™

Find the ALbee™ that best suits your application:

ALbee™ Line Gas Applications
Albee Cool Nitrogen HVAC applications:
Pressure testing
Albee Flame


Albee Weld

Pure Argon
Argon mix

Arc welding


Cylinder specification

To learn more about the ALbee™ cylinder:

Cylinder size 11 litres
Cylinder pressure 200 bar
Outlet pressure 0.5 - 50 bar
Type Steel
Volume 2.1m3
Height 590 mm
Diameter 178 mm



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