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3 grades, 2 purity ranges for your analytical application needs

Simplify your gas selection

Choosing the right gas products for a particular analytical instrument and application can be confusing.
Air Liquide has simplified gas selection by reducing the complex and confusing matrix of available gas grades down to 2 levels of purity as represented in our ALPHAGAZTM product line. We focus on the critical impurities that affect the performance of the instrument and application used, so it is easy to match gases with the requirements of your equipment.

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Choose your ALPHAGAZ according to your needs

An Air Liquide research and development team surveyed major analytical instrument manufacturers to determine the recommended gas purity for their instrumentation. Our findings indicated that two basic ranges for gas purity are necessary to ensure optimal performance of analytical instruments in most applications. Discover the ALPHAGAZTM grades for 2 levels of purity according to your needs: 

ALPHAGAZTM Grades Purity % Applications Gases
ALPHAGAZ 1 99.999
  • Most analytic and process control applications
  • Designed for analysis from percentage to ppm
Air, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen
ALPHAGAZ 1000 99.999
  • ICP and FTIR instruments
  • NMR spectrophotometers
Argon, Helium, Nitrogen
ALPHAGAZ 2 99.9995 (Ar,O2)
(He, H2, N2)
  • Laboratory, analytic and process control applications requiring ultra-high-purity
  • Designed for analyses from ppm to ppb.
Air, Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen

To learn more about specifications of our ALPHAGAZTM pure gases


To choose the right regulator, gas detection system or cylinder accessories applicable to your use of gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page to Gas handling equipment and accessories for specialty gases


We provide gas handling safety expertise and a range of resources, including Certificates of Analysis (CoA) upon request.

Supply Modes

The easy-to-use valve for your ALPHAGAZ™

To increase safety and ease of use, all AlphagazTM cylinders come with a Scandina cap and most of them have a SMARTOP™ valve, which includes an on/off lever, a gauge and a residual pressure valve.Discover the benefits of SMARTOP™.