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Automotive Value Chain
Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Laser Welding

The laser beam produced by a CO2 laser or a solid state laser is used for high-penetration, high-speed welding processes where mainstream processes cannot deliver the required distortion and/or productivity.

Air Liquide Canada provides a all-in-one solution for laser welding to reduce your production cost thanks to innovative nozzles.


Equipment for Welding & Safety



LASAL™ gases and equipment, specifically designed by Air Liquide for laser cutting and welding, improves productivity and quality, lowers operating costs and maintenance, and extends laser lifetime.

With its brands ARCAL and BLUESHIELD, Air Liquide Canada provides high quality working and shielding gases for your plasma welding applications that help you to enhance quality and productivity while saving costs.

Gas supply modes