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Automotive Value Chain
Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain.

Tire inflation

Nitrogen improves vehicle safety, driving performance and fuel consumption, extends the service life of tires and helps protect the environment.

It is important to note that tires inflated with nitrogen will take up to six months to lose the same volume. Nitrogen contains less moisture than air, therefore causing less contraction and expansion under extreme temperatures,ensuring better road handling. Moisture also leads to oxidation and premature wear inside the tire and on the rim, which translates into inferior performance on the road.

Inflating your tires with nitrogen means extending their service life, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reducing fuel consumption. Consequently, there are significant financial savings in the short, medium and long terms. Tests demonstrated that inflating tires with nitrogen can increase their service life by as much as 30%.

By maintaining proper tire pressure, you are improving your energy efficiency, which enables you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In Canada, 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide are needlessly released into the atmosphere every year as a result of poor tire maintenance. Nitrogen prolongs the life of the tire and therefore reduces the number of worn tires to be discarded, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Air Liquide supplies nitrogen in cylinders, which will help you achieve the benefits you seek by inflating your tires with nitrogen. Air Liquide supplies nitrogen in cylinders with purity of 99.995% and generators with purity levels of 97% or higher.



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