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Bottle inerting

The bottle inerting technology consists of flushing out the air from the headspace of a bottle/can/keg by injecting gas before seaming or capping.
Two solutions can be used: a laminar flow of gaseous nitrogen for purging the head-space by dilution; or liquid nitrogen droplets which are introduced in the bottling or canning process to help drive out atmospheric air and reduce oxygen in the liquid.



Our food experts are available to assist with deoxygenation and inerting processes, integrating Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide injection systems into existing production lines, and monitoring integrated Oxygen management systems.


ALIGAL™ is Air Liquide's premier gas range dedicated to the food and beverage industry. With the necessary process expertise and support, ALIGAL™ solutions can be fully customized to meet your quality and operational requirements.

Gas supply modes

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