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- Best-in-class material removal rate
- Long wheel life
- Superior performance
- Lower costs—for bottom-line savings

The Toughest Jobs Just to Go Easier

Air Liquide is the premier name in welding and cutting gases—and has been for over 100 years. Our BLUESHIELD brand delivers innovative hard goods, welding products and gas mixtures for every welding process and application.

Now, BLUESHIELD has extended its welding technology expertise to offer a full line of powerful abrasive solutions to respond to your cutting, grinding and blending needs.


“Get Results and Quality”
BLUESHIELD wire brushes are designed for high performance cleaning on large surface areas and are made from top quality oil-hardened and tempered wire for maximum operator safety and fast brushing action. Whether you are removing paint, spatter or rust, or cleaning weld edges, these BLUESHIELD wire brushes are designed to outlast other wire brushes on the market and help you work faster and safer.

+ Fast brushing action
+ Heavy duty wire
+ Perfect balance
+ Smooth action
+ Top quality wire



“The Perfect Balance”
BLUESHIELD carbide burrs are made from the highest grade tungsten carbide and are manufactured to ensure perfect concentricity and balance. This means you get a product that is safer, removes material faster and is guaranteed to provide the longest working life in the industry.

+ Alternate diamond pattern
+ Fast removal, fine finish
+ Long life
+ Maximum performance
+ Perfect balance



“Works for all applications”
A premium performance cut-off wheel engineered to deliver a faster, cooler and higher-quality cut. Rigid, reinforced wheel adds stability and improves safety.

BLUECUT™ offers the lowest overall cost-per-cut on the market. Specially designed for use on steel and stainless steel.

+ Significant savings
+ More cuts than the competition
  + Wears evenly offering long life
  + Engineered to cut faster for gains in productivity
+ Improved product safety and operator comfort


“Cuts virtually anything with ease”
BLUECHOP™ wheels are specially conceived for the demands of portable chop saw applications. The wheels guarantee quick cuts with minimal effort for user-friendly performance and longer lifespan.

+ Robust wheel for all types of hard-to-cut materials
+ Fast, easy cutting action reduces load on motor, extending chop saw life
+ Optimized for long life and substantial savings


Perfect combination of comfort and ease of grinding”
An excellent choice for a wide range of steel grinding operations. A perfect blend of high-strength abrasive grain for added durability and aggressive grinding action with less effort.

+ Perfect balance for outstanding comfort
+ Increased efficiency—get the job done faster
+ Maximum grinding action, minimum effort


“The most comfortable disc on the market”
A solid-performing general purpose flap disc for use in the most demanding applications and markets— from industrial and metal fabrication to construction. Premium self-sharpening zirconia alumina abrasive grain is suitable for a superior material removal rate with less effort.

+ Specially engineered to work with minimum pressure for less operator fatigue
+ Superior material removal for a lower total cost
+ Keeps its cutting edge for faster project completion

BLUESHIELD™ Abrasives Video

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