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High-quality gases, products and equipment to meet your welding and cutting needs

BLUESHIELD™, our welding brand

High-quality gases, products and equipment to meet your welding and cutting needs

Shielding gases

For more than a century, Air Liquide has committed itself to offering quality welding and cutting gases across the country. Air Liquide Canada offers a complete line of BLUESHIELD™ shielding gas mixtures for welding. These mixtures have become industry standards because of their consistent performance and quality.

Our BLUESHIELD™ shielding gases are designed to meet your high standards for quality and reliability in all of your GMAW, FCAW, MCAW and GTAW welding applications. BLUESHIELD™ gases are available in a wide variety of cylinder sizes to meet the requirements of our customers, whether they are professional or casual welders, in industries such as automotive, construction, oil and gas, and metal fabrication.

At Air Liquide, we put our innovation to work for our customers, whether it’s with our mobile app or our innovative cylinder caps with their fully-integrated valve and regulator. With ALTOP™, ALBee™, EXELTOP™ and SMARTOP™, Air Liquide allows you to use the right gas for your application safely, easily and economically.

Find the BLUESHIELD™ gas that meets your needs here.

Welding products and equipment

With its BLUESHIELD™ brand and preferred suppliers, Air Liquide Canada offers a complete line of welding products and equipment to facilitate your welding and cutting work. Whether you need electrodes, torches, cables or hoses, you’ll find it all in our BLUESHIELD™ line of products.

Welding materials
With BLUESHIELD™, you can find the right welding kit, torch and regulator to meet you needs by consulting our catalogue or visiting our stores. We can also help you find the cutting heads or welding, brazing and heating nozzles that you need for your particular job.

Filler metals
Air Liquide Canada was the first company to produce flux-cored wire in North America. Since then, our filler metals have become renowned in Canada the same way our LA 7018 series of welding electrodes have become the Canadian standard in shielded metal arc welding. We’re proud to offer our to customers products that are manufactured in Canada and adapted to their needs. Whether you’re looking for welding wire, flux, rods or electrodes, discover our complete line of products in the BLUESHIELD™ catalogue for every welding application: GMAW, SMAW, MCAW, FCAW, SAW, brazing, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Welding tools and accessories
Through its BLUESHIELD™ brand, Air Liquide Canada offers different types of welding products, from welding cables and hoses to brushes, clamps and electrode holders. Our tools and accessories are built to last, helping you save time and simplify your task so that you can focus on what you need to do.

Welding equipment
Air Liquide Canada works closely with preferred suppliers to offer quality welding equipment for any job, regardless of the welding process. Our store teams are trained to advise you and help you find the equipment that you need.

Your safety

With its line of welding apparel including gloves, goggles and helmets, the BLUESHIELD™  brand provides protection for any welding work that you need to accomplish. We pay special attention to selecting the right gear so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and protection. Our goal is to make your job easier without compromising your safety.

Experts at your service

With the acquisition of Airgas, Air Liquide has become the largest distributor of welding products in North America. With our network of stores, distributors and depots, Air Liquide Canada is by your side to help you choose the welding and cutting gases, products, accessories and equipment that you need.
Our teams are well trained and available to answer your questions and guide you. By telephone, in our stores or online, Air Liquide is at your service.


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