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Air Liquide employee - INspire the future


Our core values guide our actions every day when it comes to hiring the right people and helping them reach their highest potential.
These values help us create and maintain a safe, innovative, strong and durable company.

Safety - It’s in our DNA

We want our employees and our communities to be safe at all times and that’s why we aim to achieve a Zero Accidents objective.
It starts with a strong safety culture among our employees and an effective accident prevention policy, along with clear rules and procedures. Our employees are provided with the tools they need to work safely and we encourage them to make the right choice for their safety at all times. We all have a part to play and every single individual can make a difference.

Innovation - You'll love our creative spirit

Think you're creative? Love solving problems?

Then you'll fit right in with our strong culture of innovation. In fact, the inventiveness and creativity of our employees are at the heart of Air Liquide's growth and development.
Being innovative makes us more competitive, helps open up new markets and opportunities and better serve our customers.

Performance and sustainability - A win-win approach

We believe that improving performance helps improve sustainability. That’s why we strive to help our clients improve their performance while reducing their footprint on the environment with solutions that contribute to cleaner manufacturing processes and transportation solutions, reduced energy consumption and improved emissions control.

We also optimize Air Liquide’s energy and water consumption, emissions control and waste management in order to help preserve natural resources while improving our own company's performance.

Diversity – It makes us stronger

A diverse pool of employees, be it in terms of nationality, background or gender, makes for a stronger company, ready to take on complex markets and challenges. We’re committed to diversity in our hiring practices because we see it as a source of value, strength and performance.

Focus on

Human Resources – Our Golden Rules

We’re really committed to helping our employees develop their unique talents and contribute to the company’s positive performance.

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We’ve expressed our commitment through Air Liquide's 8 golden rules of talent management :

  1. Select the right people and assign them to the right position
  2. Measure performance against consistent standards
  3. Identify, develop and recognize expertise
  4. Pay for performance and contributions
  5. Provide a safe and ethical work environment
  6. Regularly train people to improve our performance
  7. Develop people based on a long-term vision
  8. Encourage diversity