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Refroidissement du béton à l'azote liquide avec la lance d'injection CryoCrete d'Air Liquide

Concrete cooling with CryoCreteTM

Using liquid nitrogen with Air Liquide’s injection lance technology

Injecting liquid nitrogen into concrete allows you to cool it down to the optimal pouring temperature in a precise, uniform and often more cost-effective way, especially in hot weather conditions. When added to the high-strength concrete used for pouring foundations and constructing major infrastructures, liquid nitrogen preserves its qualities during curing.

A more flexible, more precise and faster cooling solution

As part of the construction of bridges, dams, highways or any engineered structures, builders can use Air Liquide’s custom concrete cooling solution with liquid nitrogen, CryoCrete™. This application allows builders to accurately adjust the concrete’s temperature, while providing superior and faster cooling compared to ice or refrigerated water.

How it works

In order to inject liquid nitrogen into concrete mixers, the CryoCrete™ solution requires the installation of a liquid nitrogen tank, with a pressure-regulating device, a portal equipped with a liquid nitrogen injection lance, and appropriate controls to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Experts from Air Liquide then verify that the application is working properly and train the customer’s employees on how to use the equipment.


  • CryoCrete™ allows for flexible and precise temperature adjustments, while providing superior and faster cooling versus ice or refrigerated water, which builders no longer need to handle.
  • Liquid nitrogen remains unrivalled for concrete cooling, offering more uniform and often economical results.
  • It has been demonstrated that liquid nitrogen cooling has no negative effect on subsidence, air content, curing speed or concrete density.

Other applications using nitrogen

In addition to cooling concrete, nitrogen, as an inert gas making up 78% of the volume of the air we breathe, can be used for many applications, such as:

  • Inerting: nitrogen is used in the oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals industries to inert and purge pipes or storage tanks of chemicals that are sensitive to moisture or flammable when exposed to air.
  • Flash freezing: After spending only a few minutes at -100oC in a liquid nitrogen cryogenic tunnel, the surface of the food product (for example chicken breasts, pizzas,...) is sealed, which significantly reduces water loss and retains moisture. This application often doubles the freezing capacity of existing facilities.
  • Modern cuisine: Great chefs are always willing to innovate by developing molecular cuisine using liquid nitrogen, which allows them to come up with new flavours and textures.


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