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Window Filling / Insulated Glass

Insulated glass improves thermal and sound insulation performance of windows. It helps reduce energy costs, carbon dioxide emissions and noise.

Gas filling impacts the energy efficiency level of each window. Selecting the right gas can help you meet the increasingly demanding energy regulations and customer demands.
Air Liquide is a pioneer in the development of rare gas applications for insulated glass. Such gas mixtures are the best performing mediums for cost and efficiency.

Rare gases, in particular Krypton, have proven their ability to improve the performance of insulated glass. They can help you make the difference on a challenging and competitive market. Several mixes are available, depending on the level of energy efficiency targeted.

Take advantage of our expertise based on 20 years of experience working with leading global window manufacturers, Air Liquide provides you with gases & equipment to improve the performance of insulated windows.

Specialty Gases

Equipment for Specialty gases

  •  Cylinder connections
  •  IGAL (Gas Filling System for Insulated Windows)



The IGALTM​​​​​​​ machine has been designed to reduce fill gas loss, thus reducing rare gas consumption, as well improving the fill process speed, enabling more units to be produced daily.

Gas supply modes

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