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Pressure testing - Clearing Drain Lines

Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be used to clean condensate discharge conduits or unclog sinks. Nitrogen is also a professional solution that can be adapted to your needs for cleaning condensate discharge conduits and controlling pressure. Depending on your needs and project, Air Liquide Canada can supply nitrogen in sizes ranging from our light and portable ALbee™ Cool cylinders (11 L) to liquefied gas cylinders with a capacity of 136.68 m3.

Consult our catalog or use our store locator to visit the Air Liquide location nearest you. Ask a customer service representative to help you select the right gas and complementary products to optimize your applications. Our experts will help you find innovative and safe solutions to meet your needs.


Equipment for Welding & Safety



Portable, ready-to use gas cylinder for craftsmen and professionals

With its BLUESHIELD™ brand, Air Liquide Canada offers a full range of high-quality shielding gases, gas apparatus, well-known filler metals, tools & welding accessories and safety products for welding, shielding and cuttings applications. BLUESHIELD™ gases and products help you enhance productivity of your operations safely everyday.

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