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Hobby welding

ALbee™ Weld comes in two varieties, an Ar/CO2 mixture with 85% argon and a pure argon option, both designed to reduce fumes and create a better weld without excess penetration. Make your life easy with ALbee™ : our ALbee™cylinders are easy to carry with their ergonomic handle, easy to use with ON/OFF lever and integrated regulator. It is also an economical choice: in an ALbee cylinder you have 60% more gas than in a standard size 9 exchange cylinder.

With BLUESHIELD™ gases and equipment offer, Air Liquide Canada provides a variety of products and equipment to help you to enhance quality and productivity always safely. Discover our welding solutions in one of our stores, our teams will be pleased to give you some tips and help you to find the welding products that fit to your needs.


Equipment for Welding & Safety



ALbee™ Weld
Designed for greater efficiency and ease of use, ALbee™ Weld offers you new levels of comfort, efficiency and practicality, be it for MIG welding aluminum, TIG welding stainless steel or any other arc-welding application

BLUESHIELD™is our trademark dedicated to welding. We offer a full range of high-quality shielding gases, gas apparatus, well-known filler metals, tools & welding accessories and safety products for welding, shielding and cuttings applications.

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