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Unité d’immersion cryogénique ‒ ACC Tunnel de surgélation cryogénique pour la surgélation de la croûte et la surgélation IQF

Cryo Immersion Unit - ACC™

Cryogenic freezing tunnel for crust freezing and IQF processing of small, sticky, liquid or high-value products with continuous current liquid nitrogen immersion freezing

How it works

Our specialists developed the Cryo Immersion Unit - ACCTM that uses a continuous current of liquid nitrogen to move products through the freezing process instead of using a belt for transporting product. The product goes through the liquid nitrogen bath, thus minimizing any product deformation due to belt marks.

Innovative design

The ingenious design of  the Cryo Immersion Unit - ACCTM offers a new concept in cryogenic freezing, opening new perspectives for freezing liquid, small, sticky products. With its continuous current of liquid nitrogen, products that conventional tunnel freezers cannot freeze find their cryogenic freezing solution.


  • Freeze and crust a wide variety of products without generating buildup on conveyer belts
  • Easy to sanitize and maintain (360-degree access)
  • Versatile equipment: stand-alone freezing system, or in conjunction with a post-cool tunnel or spiral freezer for high volume production
  • Designed to meet USDA sanitation standards
  • Oxygen monitor with alarm and shutdown interlocks built into freezer