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High-purity air for laboratories, environment and automotive

Air Liquide Canada’s pure gas air has low trace impurities that improve the reliability of your analytical results and extend the service life of your lab instruments and detectors. Various grades of air are offered for different applications.

Air is engineered as a balance gas in many gas mixtures including two-component, three-component and multi-component gas mixtures for numerous applications.  

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Discover in the chart below the different application for our high purity air gas offer:

Industries / Activities Applications
Automotive Vehicle emissions control and analysis
Environment - Air Regulatory requirements for Acid Rain CEMS reporting
Research and Analysis Flame gas (GC, FID, AAS, THC, FPD)
Process gas (LCMS and NMR), Purge gas (FTIR)
Zero gas (FTIR)

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To choose the right regulator, gas detection system or cylinder accessories  to use your gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page for gas handling equipment and accessories for specialty gases.


ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ™ 2 are the premier grades used in research and analysis, discover their specifications by clicking on the link below:

Supply modes

Air Liquide packages air and air gas mixtures in a variety of high-pressure cylinders, depending on the grade and concentration desired as well as your application.