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A safe and reliable supply of pure argon and argon gas mixtures

The atmosphere contains about 0.9 % of argon. Argon is a neutral and colorless gas and does not however exist in nature other than in the air. It cannot sustain life, but it is highly used in certain industrial applications due to its high level of chemical inertness.



Argon is used as a protective atmosphere for a large number of industrial processes, below you will find main applications using argon for different industries.

Industries Applications
Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction, Craftmen, Metals, Metal fabrication, Oil & Gas

Shield gas used for welding and cutting : MIG, GTAW, Plasma arc welding.

Argon protects welds against oxidation as well as reduces fume emissions during welding.
Beverage, Food MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
Argon can be used in a controlled atmosphere to replace nitrogen in most applications.
Aeronautics, Metals, Metal Fabrication

Heat Treatment

Argon is used to prevent contact, hence interaction, between liquid metal and the surrounding atmosphere.



To choose the right regulator, flowmeter, or accessories according to your use of gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page to Gas handling equipment and accessories for industrial gases


Air Liquide offers pure or mixed argon with 3 brands:

  • ARCAL™ for welding applications.
  • ALPHAGAZ™  for gas chromatography, zeroing and other analytical and process control applications.
  • ALIGAL™ for modified/controlled atmosphere applications.

Supply Modes

Air Liquide supplies argon and argon gas mixtures in various volumes and purities.