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Ultra high purity, for analytical and process control applications

The atmosphere contains about 0.9 % of argon.

Argon is a neutral and colorless gas and does not however exist in nature other than in the air. It cannot sustain life, but it is highly used in certain industrial applications due to its high level of chemical inertness.

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With its ALPHAGAZ™ brand, Air Liquide Canada offers ultra-high purity argon for use in laboratory for inerting, zeroing and other analytical and process control applications. ALPHAGAZ 1000, which is argon in cryogenic liquid form at 99.999% purity, is useful when large volumes of gas are needed for use with ICP and FTIR instruments.

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To choose the right regulator, gas detection system or cylinder accessories  to use your gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page for gas handling equipment and accessories for specialty gases.


The easy-to-use valve for your ALPHAGAZ™

To increase safety and ease of use, all Alphagaz cylinders come with a Scandina cap and most of them have a SMARTOP™ valve, which includes a on/off lever, a gauge and a residual pressure valve.Discover the benefits of SMARTOP™.

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