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Carbon Dioxide

Pure or in mixtures for your specific needs

Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is formed from the combination of two elements: carbon and oxygen.
CO2 gas has a slightly irritating odor, is colorless and heavier than air. It freezes at -78.5 °C to form carbon dioxide snow.

Carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by chemical and oil and gas operations can be captured, purified and liquefied.

Air Liquide Canada offers carbon dioxide in different modes of supply (bulk, cylinders, dry ice) for use in many industries and applications.

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Air Liquide Canada provides carbon dioxide in mixtures or as a pure gas, offering different grades and specifications.

Take advantage of Air Liquide’s gas expertise to find the gas mixture or pure grade that fits your specific requirements, our dedicated specialty gas team can assist you in the selection process.

Several types of certificates are available, depending on your needs: certificate of conformance, certificate of analysis, custom certificates.

Industries Applications

Calibration gas for engine emission testing

Local engine inspection and testing for garages
Environment - Air

Continuous emission monitoring calibration

Test and measure emissions monitoring analyzers
Oil & Gas Isotope analysis for petroleum geochemistry

Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Chromatography

Laboratory applications (ex. cooling instrumentation and samples)
Refrigeration Cooling (R744)

High-purity gas for research and analysis

Air Liquide offers high-purity carbon dioxide as a pure specialty gas in various grades including:  

  • Supercritical  Fluid Chromatography (SFC) carbon dioxide that is manufactured to minimize the critical impurities that influence SFC performance. SFC grade carbon dioxide has 99.995% purity.
  • Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) grade carbon dioxide is offered at 99.997% purity, perfect for the selective extraction of natural products.
  • Other carbon dioxide grades are also available for common laboratory applications.

More details about our pure gases and mixtures in our Specialty gases catalog


To choose the right regulator, gas detection system or cylinder accessories  to use your gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page for gas handling equipment and accessories for specialty gases.


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Supply Modes