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Air Liquide Canada offers gas or liquid mixtures and pure gases in the standard grades described below. Unless otherwise stated the concentrations of all the components in the mixture are reported in molar percentage.

Gas Grades for Mixtures

Primary Mixtures – These mixtures are prepared on high sensitivity and high load scales or balances which have been calibrated with weights traceable to NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) standard weights. The molar concentration of each component is reported based on the weight of the component introduced into the cylinder. As an additional verification of the accuracy of the reported concentration, each cylinder is analyzed with an appropriate method to ensure that no errors were made in the preparation of the mixture.

Certified Plus  – Certified Plus Mixtures are an economical alternative to mixtures requiring tighter preparation tolerances. These mixtures are prepared by a variety of methods, including gravimetric procedures.

Certified Mixtures – These mixtures are prepared using well tested gravimetric or manometric methods. Each cylinder is analyzed using the appropriate analytical technique and the result of the analysis is reported for each cylinder.

EPA Protocol Mixtures – EPA Protocol Gases are gas mixtures prepared and analyzed according to current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. Procedures for the preparation and analysis of these protocol mixtures were developed by the efforts involving the EPA, the NIST and the Specialty Gas Industry to ensure that gas mixtures supplied in accordance with the protocols can be traced back to NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM) or equivalent.

Custom Mixtures – The potential variations in the nature, number and concentration of components in a gas mixture allow for an almost infinite number of possibilities. If you need a gas mixture which is not listed in the catalogue, or your required specifications are different from those which are published, consult your nearest Air Liquide representative.

Unanalyzed Mixtures – These mixtures are prepared using the same technique as for certified mixtures however the cylinders are not analyzed after the production of the mixture. The nominal concentration of each component in the mixture is however reported.

Pure gases Grades

CHEMGAZ™ Pure Gases – Three grades of CHEMGAZ pure gases standardize grade selections for process gases as well as simplify your ordering process.

Electronic Grade Pure Gases – Electronic grades are available for pure gases. They support a wide range of semiconductor, optoelectronic and other electronic applications.

ALPHAGAZ™ – Alphagaz grades are also available. See all details here.