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Accessories for specialty gases - gas handling equipment


Cylinders connections, Flash arresters, Hoses and pigtails, Gauges, Electric Heaters, Traps, Gas valves

We offer useful accessories to specialty gas users for their gas distribution equipment. From CGA fittings for cylinders with high-purity valves to check valves, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in the list below. Our specialty gas team can help you select the materials best suited to your application. Work safely, efficiently and cost-effectively with equipment from Air Liquide.

Cylinder connections

Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and Diameter Index Safety System (DISS) cylinder connections are necessary for safely connecting a gas pressure regulator to the compressed gas cylinder. CGA and DISS cylinder connections from Air Liquide are designed to help preserve gas purity and integrity while delivering specialty gas safely to your point of use.

Air Liquide Canada offers cylinder connections in a variety of configurations and materials. All gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide come equipped with a CGA fitting that matches its intended gas service. CGA fittings come in brass, stainless steel or with chrome plating, and in a range of pressures and sizes

DISS compressed gas cylinder connections are also available. They provide higher purity and leak integrity than standard service CGA cylinder connections.

Flash arresters

Air Liquide Canada offers flash arresters to protect from flashbacks that commonly occur with fuel gas and oxygen in compressed gas cylinders.


Air Liquide Canada offers cylinder hoses and pigtails that allow you to safely transfer compressed gases from the cylinder to the point of use. Stainless steel flexible metal hoses are fabricated from corrugated 316L Stainless Steel innercore and reinforced with a stainless steel braid.

LifeGuard™  all-metal pigtails permit gas users to safely transfer compressed gases or liquids and protect against the hazards associated with hose rupture and disconnecting high-pressure installations.

Gas Gauges

Air Liquide Canada offers gas gauges designed to safely monitor the pressure of compressed specialty gases and liquids. A variety of brass gauges for non corrosive specialty gas service is available, as well as stainless steel for corrosive specialty gas service.

Air Liquide Canada offers also indicating pressure gauges (Model 69) that are designed to provide pressure monitoring, setpoint indication and fast switching for low power electrical signals.

Electric Heaters

Air Liquide Canada offers carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide heaters designed to prevent cylinder regulators from freezing up and malfunctioning when used with carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. The heating element is encapsulated and works toward preventing gas flow interruption. The heaters are efficient with a long service life – the hallmarks of all Air Liquide equipment.


Traps from Air Liquide remove unwanted contaminants from specialty gases before they reach your instrument. They also indicate contamination in the gas stream. Traps are typically used to remove oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons, and they may be indicating or non indicating.

Air Liquide Canada offers different types of traps: disposable oxygen traps, indicating oxygen traps, glass moisture traps, hydrocarbon traps and indicating moisture traps.

Gas Valves

Air Liquide Canada offers a variety of gas valves for all applications. If you use compressed pure gases or gas mixtures, you need reliable equipment to deliver gas from high-pressure cylinders to your point of use. Many systems and processes require the gas flow rate to be set to provide a uniform flow.
Controlling the flow requires the use of gas valves to adjust the flow rate. Our gas valves are highly efficient and have long service lives – the hallmarks of all Air Liquide equipment.

Equipment for Specialty Gases

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