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cylinder_storage_accessories for specialty gases

Cylinder Storage and Accessories

Safety cabinets, safety cages, racks and separators, cylinders jackets, scales and brackets

We offer useful accessories to specialty gas users to store and handle the gases safely. Our specialty gas team can help you select the materials best suited to your application. Work safely, efficiently and cost-effectively with equipment from Air Liquide.

Cylinder storage and accessories

Improper compressed gas cylinder storage can cause serious workplace hazards. Gas users must be aware of the dangers associated with storing and using compressed gases, including potential for causing asphyxiation, flammability, toxicity and high-pressure hazards. Gas leaks due to improper handling, regulator failure, mechanical stress and corrosion are common in many industrial and laboratory facilities. Hazardous and corrosive gases such as hydrogen chloride, chlorine and ammonia should be isolated from the workplace to minimize staff exposure to toxic leaks.

Air Liquide Canada can help protect workers by preventing gas-related accidents at the source. We offer a variety of cylinder storage equipment and accessories that help you maintain safety in your workplace. Efficiency, safety, performance and long, accurate service life are the hallmarks of equipment from Air Liquide.

Equipment for Specialty Gase

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