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For medical, research and analysis applications

Helium is abundant in the Sun's atmosphere but is found at trace levels in the Earth's atmosphere.

However, helium can  also be found in fossil form in natural gas pockets in some oil fields, where it is extracted by drilling deep into the subsoil of certain regions in the U.S.A., Poland, Russia, Algeria and Qatar.

Helium is an extremely light gas (its density is 0.169 kg/m3) and is therefore very volatile. It is colorless, odorless, non-flammable and completely inert.

Air Liquide supplies this pure specialty gas in different volumes, depending on your needs.

Ask our dedicated Spec Gas Team


Air Liquide Canada can provide helium in mixtures, pure or ultrapure grades for industries and also medical and laboratories and research departments.

Benefit from Air Liquide’s expertise to find the right level of purity or gas mixture that fits your specific needs, our dedicated specialty gas team can assist you in the selection process.

Industries Applications

Research and Analysis

  • Gas chromatography
  • Mass spectronomy
  • NMR/ MRI cooling
  • Leak detection
Environment - Air
  • Regulatory compliance, quality and process control
  • Weather balloon
Oil & Gas
  • Offshore and subsea work (diving)
  • Gas petroleum analysis

Discover our high purity helium - ALPHAGAZ 1


To choose the right regulator, gas detection system or cylinder accessories  to use  your gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page  for gas handling equipment and accessories for specialty gases.


For your pure or ultrapure helium needs, Air Liquide offers two levels of purity, to ensure optimal performance of analytical instruments, under our ALPHAGAZ™ brand:

  • Our helium ALPHAGAZ 1 grade has a purity of 99.999%.
  • Our ALPHAGAZ 2 grade is ultra-pure at 99.9998%, perfect for critical laboratory and analytic applications.

Both ALPHAGAZ grades of helium come in compressed gas cylinders equipped with an ergonomic open cap and SMARTOP™ valve.

Helium in cryogenic liquid form is also available under ALPHAGAZ 1000. It has a purity of 99.999% and is used for applications such as cooling magnets in NMR spectrometers.

Supply modes

Air Liquide Canada can provide helium in different sizes of cylinders and large volumes in dewars. Please contact our specialty gas team to know more about our helium offer.