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Several supply offers for many industries and applications

Discovered by Henry Cavendish in 1766, hydrogen is the lightest gas in the world and therefore is not held by the earth’s gravity.

Hydrogen is only found in the atmosphere at trace levels ; it is synthesized from hydrocarbons (petroleum and petroleum by-products) and from water where it constitutes the lightest fraction of the H2O molecule. Hydrogen gas is colorless, highly flammable, very light, cannot sustain life and reacts easily with other chemical substances.

The most important current use of hydrogen (nearly ⅔rd of the quantity sold by the Group Air Liquide) is the desulfurization of hydrocarbons to produce sulfur-free fuels.


Over a period of more than 40 years, Air Liquide has built up unique expertise in managing the entire hydrogen chain from production, distribution to storage. Air Liquide Canada has an hydrogen production facility to serve rapidly and efficiently its customers.

The safe and reliable supply of hydrogen is crucial for many industries. Air Liquide Canada supplies hydrogen in a range of volumes and purities to meet your unique needs.
We customize our production and recovery solutions to match the volume, pressure and purity required for your operations.
We will evaluate the best means of hydrogen supply and couple it with synthesis gas, cogeneration and steam supply as appropriate. To complete the offer, we provide solutions for carbon dioxide capture and recovery.

Hydrogen energy is a fast-growing field in which Air Liquide masters the entire supply chain and uses for the end user. Air Liquide is actively involved in the development of hydrogen energy and the widespread use of hydrogen as a clean energy in fuel cell vehicles.

Below you will find some of applications for which hydrogen can be used pure or  in mixture.

Industries / Activities Applications

Emissions testing and calibration for mobile engine
Leak detection

Aeronautics, Metal Fabrication, Metals

Heat Treatment

Environment - Air

Regulatory compliance and quality process control
Oil & Gas

Desulfurization of hydrocarbons
Chemical refining

Renewable Energy Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, forklifts



To choose the right regulator, flowmeter, or accessories according to your use of gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page to Gas handling equipment and accessories for industrial gases.


Our FLOXAL™ HYOS technology produces hydrogen (H₂) gas at your site with an on-site hydrogen generator.