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Pure or mixed with other gases, Air Liquide Canada supplies nitrogen in bulk, cylinders, pipeline or on-site installations for many industrial applications

Nitrogen is mainly found in the atmosphere, where it accounts for 78 % by volume of the air we breath. But nitrogen is also found:

  • in the Earth's crust, to a limited extent (in the form of nitrates, etc.),
  • in organic form (in the living or dead plants and organisms which form humus)
  • and in mineral form (ammonia), and thus contributes to soil fertility.

In gaseous or liquid form, nitrogen is an inert, colorless, tasteless, odorless, chemically inert and non-flammable gas.


Air Liquide Canada is a leading supplier of compressed nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen in a range of purities and concentrations to serve many industries for a large range of applications. Below you will find some examples of applications using nitrogen.

Industries / Activities Applications
Aeronautics, Beverage, Chemicals, Food, HVAC and Plumbers, Metals, Mining, Pharmaceuticals Inerting, Purging, Blanketing, pressure testing and transfer
Automotive, Metals, Metal fabrication

Carburizing, gas quenching

Beverage, Chemicals, Construction, Food, Metals Temperature and atmosphere control, MAP
Aeronautics, Automotive Tire inflation
Beverage, Food, Pharmaceuticals and  biotechnology, Research and analysis

Chilling, freezing, hardening

Automotive Laser welding and cutting
Oil & Gas

Hydraulic fracturing

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)



To choose the right regulator, flowmeter, or accessories according to your use of gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page to Gas handling equipment and accessories for industrial gases, or our dedicated page to Products and Equipment for Welding and  safety.

Food application equipment

Air Liquide has been imagining, engineering and supplying innovative, reliable equipment to meet the specific needs of the food and beverage industry for decades. Our specialists are ready to assist you in improving your productivity. From installation to maintenance and aftercare, Air Liquide is there for you.


Air Liquide offers pure or mixed nitrogen with several brands for different applications/ industries:

  • ALbee
  • ALIGAL™ for food and beverage applications.
  • ALTOP™ and SMARTOP™ are our safe, ergonomic, user-friendly cylinders and valves for small, medium and mobile gas needs.
  • Cryocrete™ : Air Liquide's liquid nitrogen concrete cooling technology, solution for handling the most demanding cooling requirements and pour temperature specifications for your concrete during extremely hot weather conditions.
  • FLOXAL™: FLOXAL™ Supply Systems produce nitrogen (N2) gas at your site
  • LASAL™ for laser welding and cutting applications

Supply Modes

Air Liquide supplies nitrogen in varying volumes to meet the needs of many industries.