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Supplied in bulk, cylinders, pipeline or on-site installations for many industrial applications

Oxygen is the most abundant element on the earth’s surface, it represents by weight 46% of the Earth's crust, 89% of the Earth's water, 21% of the air we breathe, 62% of the human body.

Oxygen  is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas essential to life. It can combine with all the other elements (except rare gases) in order to oxidize them and consequently produce energy. Oxygen is used in many industrial applications because is an oxidizing agent (combustive, oxidant).


For Oil & Gas, Metals, Mining, Chemicals industries, Air Liquide Canada provides oxygen in large quantity to increase efficiency in a number of processes by reducing the amount of fuel used and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

Below we present you a few of the numerous applications of oxygen for different industries.

Industries / Activities Applications
Aeronautics, Automotive, Construction Maintenance and repair, Metal fabrication Welding and cutting applications
Combined with other gases (acetylene, propane, etc.)  in order to boost the flame properties in flame torches and burners
Aquaculture Oxygenation of basins
Construction Lime/Cement kiln capacity increasing
Environment - Water Biological wastewater treatment enhancement
Environment - Air

Regulatory compliance : analysis and quality control
Emissions testing and calibration

Metals Ferrous and non-ferrous oxycombustion
Mining Gold cyanide leaching and pre-oxidation
Pulp and Paper Delignification, bleaching, kiln enrichment, liquor oxidation



To choose the right regulator, flowmeter, or accessories according to your use of oxygen in gas cylinder, please consult our dedicated page to Gas handling equipment and accessories for industrial gases.

For more than 40 years, Air Liquide has led the way in water treatment and offers solutions including gas and innovative equipment. Use of oxygen or ozone can enhance the efficiency of your waste water treatment unit, substantially reduces nuisances and decreases cost of energy.
Discover Air Liquide’s solution for wastewater treatment and sludge reduction with:


Air Liquide offers pure or mixed oxygen with several brands for different applications/ industries:

  • ARCAL™, BLUESHIELD™ and LASAL™ for welding and cutting applications.
  • ALPHAGAZ™  for analytical and process control applications.
  • ALIGAL™ for modified/controlled atmosphere applications.
  • ALTOP™ and SMARTOP™ are our safe, ergonomic, user-friendly cylinders and valves for small, medium and mobile gas needs.
  • FLOXAL™: FLOXAL™ Supply Systems produce oxygen (O2) gas at your site ( on-site oxygen generators)

Supply Modes

Air Liquide supplies oxygen in varying volumes to meet the needs of many industries.