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Metal Fabrication
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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting process can be used on any material that will conduct electricity making it a very versatile process.
By the plasma cutting, all electrically conductive materials such as non-, low- and high-alloyed steels, nickel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium and their alloys can be cut. Compared with the autogenous flame cutting, the plasma cutting is a melting process. Plasma arc cutting produces fast, high-quality cuts that often requires no further finishing.
Under certain circumstances plasma cutting can achieve a comparable quality level to laser cutting, but at considerably lower production cost.

The plasma cutting process is used for manual, mechanised or automated cutting process.

Air Liquide Canada offers gas and a variety of products and equipment to help you to enhance quality and productivity always safely.


Equipment for Welding & Safety



With its BLUESHIELD™ brand, Air Liquide Canada offers a full range of high-quality shielding gases, gas apparatus, well-known filler metals, tools & welding accessories and safety products for welding, shielding and cuttings applications. BLUESHIELD™ gases and products help you enhance productivity of your operations safely everyday.

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