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Metal Fabrication
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Heat Treatment

Air Liquide’s extensive technical knowledge of heat treatment processes, coupled with our safe, reliable and customized gas solutions, will help you optimize your operations and manage costs. ALNAT™, Air Liquide’s dedicated offer for heat treatment applications, includes the delivery of gases and gas handling equipment as well as a range of services relating to the generation, use and control of atmospheres in industrial heat-processing furnaces. Air Liquide also produces various hydrogen gas mixtures in a wide range of balances and packaging options, and all related gas handling equipment. These gas mixtures are used specifically to modify structure characteristics of steel, such as hardness and flexibility.


Equipment for industrial gases

  • ALNATTM Control panel



Our ALNAT™ supply solutions will help you ensure a controlled atmosphere in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability in heat treatment applications, including annealing, brazing and carburizing, and also in deep cryogenic treatments.

Gas supply modes

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