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Air Liquide's Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) welding products can be used to weld all commercial metals and alloys such as carbon steel, aluminum and stainless. With our products, you can weld thin gauge to thick plate with high deposition rates due to the continuous fed electrode with less stop starts and minimal postweld cleaning.

Air Liquide Canada provides best combos of filler metal (BLUESHIELDTM) and shielding gas (BLUESHIELDTM and ARCALTM) for your various applications that help you to enhance quality and productivity but save cost.

Discover our welding solutions in one of our stores, our teams will be pleased to give you some tips and help you to find the welding products that fit to your needs.


Equipment for industrial gases

  • Regulators
  • Flowmeters

Equipment for Welding & Safety



With its brands ARCALTM and BLUESHIELDTM, Air Liquide Canada provides high quality working and shielding gases for your plasma welding applications that help you to enhance quality and productivity while saving costs.

Gas supply modes

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