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Blueshield Helmet family is expanding

Discover Blaze Shield, our new welding helmet

 Light │Comfortable│ Protective

Our goal : to make your job easier without compromising your safety. Your comfort and your protection are assured by our special attention to selecting the right gear.

Get the performance and protection you need with the Blaze Shield and come try yours at your closest Air Liquide store.

Technical Details

Arc Sensors 4 Independent arc sensors
Shades Dark: variable 7-13 Light Shade: 4
Viewing Area 3.86" x 2.36"
Power Supply Solar Cell Backup power 2 x CR2450 Batteries
Filter dimensions 5.25" x 4.5"
Weight 1.21 lb / 0.55 Kg
Delay Dark to Light 0.2 - 2.0 s
TIG Rating 15 Amps +