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Nickel Based Alloys

- All welding consumables with a nickel base available on the market
- Partnering of the best suppliers worldwide
- Support from our experts
- Air Liquide, in Canada since 1911

A Strong Partner Is Key To Your Success

Do you know our expertise in nickel based alloy?

Air Liquide Canada offers welding consumables with a nickel base to serve any application, from simple day-to-day usage to extreme conditions.

We serve all industries, with a special focus on five of them : Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refinery.

We team up with the best suppliers across the world to provide products that respect your procedures and ensure the best return on investment.

We deliver not only products but also solutions. Because welding with nickel alloys is often complex, our experts will bring you technical support in your filler metals choices for all your welding projects.

Air Liquide Canada has been with you for over 100 years and serves Canada with over 100 points of services over the country.

For all this Air Liquide is your partner of choice.

Flyer - Nickel Based Alloy

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