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Air Liquide Canada - Welding products made in Canada

Made in Canada

Discover our Canadian products from our BLUESHIELD TM offer

- Support Canadian manufacturing
- Dependable supply
- Costs unaffected by US exchange
- Renowned Quality for Welding

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Do you know our famous electrodes ?

Air Liquide Canada was the first company to produce flux-cored wire in North America.

Since then, our filler metals have become renowned in Canada the same way our LA 7018 series of welding electrodes have become the Canadian standard in shielded metal arc welding.

We’re proud to offer our to customers products that are manufactured in Canada and adapted to their needs. Discover our complete line of products in the BLUESHIELD™ catalogue for every welding application: GMAW, SMAW, MCAW, FCAW, SAW, brazing, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Molecules produced in Canada

Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene, hydrogen and many other industrial gases are produced at our plants located across Canada.

The majority of our specialty gas blends are created at our Canadian filling plants.

Our production and distribution network extends from coast to coast, so that we can best serve our 110,000 customers in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, metal fabrication and food processing.

Cover of Air Liquide Canada's product catalog for cylinder gases, welding and cutting solutions

Catalog - Cylinder gases, welding and cutting solutions

PDF - 44.24 MB