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MCAW Metal cored arc welding

Metal cored arc welding (MCAW) is a variant of the MIG/MAG welding process using a metal sheath and a core of various powdered Materials, producing silicate (slag) Islands on the face of a weld bead. External gas shielding is required.

What are the advantages of MCAW over MIG/MAG welding process?

  • High deposition rate and deposition efficiency
  • High welding speed and duty cycle
  • High productivity and low heat input
  • Low slag volume, low spatter levels
  • Nice bead appearance
  • Suitable for galvanized and aluminized materials

Air Liquide Canada provides best combos of filler metal (BLUESHIELD™) and shielding gas (BLUESHIELD™ and ARCAL™) for your various applications that help you to enhance quality and productivity but save cost.


Equipment for industrial gases

  • Regulators
  • Flowmeters

Equipment for Welding & Safety



With its brands ARCAL™ and BLUESHIELD™, Air Liquide Canada provides high quality working and shielding gases for your plasma welding applications that help you to enhance quality and productivity while saving costs.

Gas supply modes

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