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OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL™: oxygen-transfer system for wastewater treatment


Oxygen-transfer system for wastewater treatment

How it works

OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL™  is a compact oxygen transfer system designed to float at the surface of a basin or lagoon.

OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL™ is composed of a turbine, an impeller and a motor-reducer, which are connected to a power-control cabinet and a gas cabinet  installed close to the lagoon.

Effluent and oxygen (O2) are first mixed in a turbine to break up the gas bubble and then the mixed stream is pushed  downward into the basin  by means of a second impeller, ensuring an excellent transfer of O2 to the mixed liquor.

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OXY INJECTOR-TURBOXAL is particularly well adapted to low-depth basins (typically between 2 and 6 meters in depth)  or basins where it is impossible to install a submerged system.

Benefits of OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL™ technology:

  • Increased biological treatment capacity (peak shaving or permanent)
  • High O2 transfer with low energy requirements
  • A crane carefully positioned the unit at the surface of the basin or lagoon.
  • Large mixing capacity
  • Pure oxygen addition linked to D.O control
  • Reduced footprint of new biological plant
  • Improved sludge settling
  • Stabilized aerobic sludge
  • Odor abatement


You will find below the list of industries for which Air Liquide’s OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL™ technology can be used to complement existing wastewater treatment