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OXY-INJECTOR VENTOXAL™ Oxygen-transfer system for wastewater treatment


Oxygen-transfer system for wastewater treatment

How it works

The OXY-INJECTOR VENTOXAL™  is an oxygen (O2) transfer equipment designed to be immersed in a wastewater activated sludge system.

The OXY-INJECTOR VENTOXAL™ is composed of a frame, pump, gas-liquid contactor and a set of mixing ejectors which are connected to a power-control cabinet and a gas cabinet expertly installed close to the basin. It comes in  two versions to fit the basin configuration: a compact version with a submersible pump, and an external pump version.

The water to be treated is pumped into the gas-liquid contactor where O2 is broken down into fine bubble to maximize dissolution and the  oxygen-enriched stream is injected at the bottom of the basin through mixing ejectors in order to optimize overall oxygenation and water mixing.

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OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL™  is designed specifically for deep basins (typically more than 6 meters in depth). It is available in 4 differents sizes to suit  various basin geometry and space availability.

Benefits of OXY INJECTOR-VENTOXAL™ technology:

  • Increased biological treatment capacity peak (shaving or permanent)
  • Large oxygenation capacity
  • A crane carefully positioned the unit at the bottom of the basin.
  • Very high O2 transfer with low energy requirements
  • Pure oxygen addition linked to D.O control
  • Reduced footprint of new biological plant
  • Stabilized aerobic sludge
  • Improved sludge settling
  • Odor abatement


You will find below the list of industries for which Air Liquide's OXY-INJECTOR VENTOXAL™ technology can be used to complement the existing wastewater treatment