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Safety first, Air Liquide Canada's engagement to safety

Safety first

For everyone, everything, everytime, everywhere

For us, safety is a core value and we take pride in our high safety standards and the active involvement of employees in Air Liquide’s strong safety culture.



While we are committed to s remaining fully vigilant, accidents and emergency situations may occur. Click here to for more information about emergencies.


Our emergency response team in Ontario during a training in October 2016

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Emergency response team

Our emergency response team in Ontario during training in October 2016.

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Our regional emergency response teams are trained regularly to be ready in case of an emergency involving our products or equipment.



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Our engagement

The safety and welfare of our employees and the communities in which we operate is truly engrained in Air Liquide Canada’s culture. Safe behaviours and the application of safe practices are expected of Air Liquide employees and our contractors.
Our people are encouraged and recognized for behaving in a way that does not compromise the safety of co-workers, contractors, visitors, or members of the public.

Our engagement towards safety translates to principles that we put forward with our employees and contractors:

  • Value safety above the accomplishment of any job
  • Train employees in safe work practices and ensure that they apply these practices in their daily activities
  • Establish procedures to identify and assess hazards and risks associated with the work being performed and to implement the appropriate safety controls to eliminate the hazards or to reduce the associated risk
  • Strive to prevent injuries and illness in order to achieve our Zero Accidents objective and monitor our safety performance for continued improvement
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations