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Partnership Red-D-Arc and Air Liquide Canada

Welding Equipment Rental with Red-D-Arc

Take advantage of our partnership with Red-D-Arc to rent welders, weld automation equipment, electric-power generators, as well as purchase used welders and other welding-related equipment.

Air Liquide Canada and Red-D-Arc’s new partnership provides you with more opportunities: you can find gases and welding equipment under the same roof and take advantage of specific promotional offers!

A complete welding offer

At Air Liquide Canada, we want to make your welding work easier, by helping you save time and money, without compromising on safety. That’s why we complete our welding offer with our partnership with Red-D-Arc, the North American leader in welding equipment rental

Discover the Red-D-Arc’s product offering of welding equipment rental, weld automation products and services, electric power generators and blast cleaning machines on their website.

Red-D-Arc is also renowned for its great deals on professionally maintained, used welding equipment.

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Welding gases and equipment from Air Liquide Canada

With its BLUESHIELD™ brand, Air Liquide Canada offers a full range of high-quality shielding gases, gas apparatus, well-known filler metals, tools & welding accessories and safety products for welding, shielding and cuttings applications. BLUESHIELD™ gases and products help you enhance productivity of your operations safely everyday.

Discover our welding solutions in one of our stores, our teams will be pleased to give you some tips and help you to find the welding products that fit to your needs.


Cover of Air Liquide Canada's product catalog for cylinder gases, welding and cutting solutions

Catalog - Cylinder gases, welding and cutting solutions

PDF - 44.24 MB