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Gas Management - Services Air Liquide Canada

Gas Management

A range of gas management solutions designed for a wide variety of operations

You're busy focusing on your core business and that's why we make sure that our solutions are as simple and easy to use as possible. We offer a range of gas management solutions designed for a wide variety of operations and environments. We'll help you select the gas and supply options best suited to your needs and requirements and provide the expertise needed to enhance productivity and product quality and help you meet safety standards.

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Installation of gas-handling equipment and distribution systems

At Air Liquide Canada, we want to make sure that using our gases is quick, simple and safe, no matter what kind of environment you operate in.

That’s why we offer integrated installations, financed and operated by Air Liquide, as well as a full range of gas handling equipment and distribution systems. Our gas handling equipment is available for specialty and industrial gases, in cylinders or in bulk.

Optimization of inventory management and cylinder tracking

Managing your stocks and logistics is a complex undertaking. We can help you optimize your inventory management and tracking for various supply modes:

Our cylinder asset management program (CAMP) is designed to help you manage your cylinder inventory and tracking, make ordering easier and optimize your gas consumption with a variety of solutions:

  • On-site customer cylinder audits – To help optimize your cylinder stocks.
  • Servitrax – A tracking system for cylinders that saves time and simplifies stock management.
  • –  A client platform you can use to track the activity of your cylinder inventory, check the status of your order or look up prices. Visit
  • Mobile application – Our new Air Liquide mobile app simplifies inventory management by letting you monitor your inventory, order new cylinders, access each site inventory and reorder products.
Application mobile for welding gases and products of Air Liquide Canada

Focus on

Air Liquide Canada Mobile Application

An easy way to manage your gas cylinders on the go

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Simplify your inventory management with Air Liquide's Mobile Application.
Monitor your inventory and reorder products, manage your gas consumption, place your orders in a snap, find sales outlets quickly and more.

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Bulk and on-site services
Take advantage of:

  • Automatic re-ordering and tank-level monitoring for bulk supply using cell-powered wireless telemetry units;
  • Tele-monitored performance tracking for on-site gas generation.

Workforce training

Handling and using gases requires specific skills and training. To raise awareness of gas risk management, we provide workforce training so that all employees can use our products safely.  

In many cases, we also offer emergency assistance and express ordering.

Please visit our Temporary and emergency gas services page for more information.