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Our exclusive SMARTOP™ valve simplifies gas handling while improving safety in the workplace.

Air Liquide designs and produces one of the market’s safest, most ergonomic, user-friendly cylinders and valves for small, medium and mobile gas needs.


With SMARTOP™, using a gas cylinder for your job has never been so easy:

  • Easy to handle with its ergonomic cap
  • Easy opening with ON/OFF lever
  • Check the content at a glance, even when the cylinder is closed, with a permanent pressure gauge
  • Includes a residual pressure valve and non-return valve


Is working safely with gases one of your concerns? Air Liquide answers your needs with SMARTOP™ :

  • Shock-absorbing cap
  • No backflow contamination
  • Built-in flow moderator
  • The cylinders with SMARTOP™ meet Transport Canada’s current requirements
  • A regulator must be connected to SMARTOP™ valve before pulling the lever ON (standard CGA connection)


With SMARTOP™ , you can save:

  • Gas: with immediate gas cut-off
  • Money: cylinders left open unintentionally can be easily identified and closed thanks to the ON/OFF lever
  • Time:  by simply moving the lever, you can quickly open and close the cylinder valve. This time saving, compared to operating a standard valve, is exceptionally beneficial for purging processes.


SMARTOP™ is available for oxygen, helium for balloons, acetylene, argon and argon mixtures - just ask our team about it!

SMARTOP™ is also available with ALPHAGAZ™ brand specialty pure gases and works perfectly with all single and two-stage gas pressure regulators from Air Liquide.


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