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Image of a bulk truck of Air Liquide Canada


Obtain a reliable supply of bulk gas at very competitive prices

Air Liquide Canada supplies air gas (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) as well as hydrogen, helium and carbon dioxide in bulk to industries whose operations require volumes exceeding 1,000 Sm3/month (36,000 SCF). We can manage your gas supply in convenient stationary storage units installed on your site. Depending on your needs, we can also provide custom solutions, equipment and cryogenic storage services.

Why choose us

Custom design and installation
Air Liquide’s specialists can design and install large liquefied gas storage and delivery system on your premises based on your needs. You may also choose between various gas purity options.

Our bulk products are produced in large air-separation plants, shipped by truck, and stored on your premises in cryogenic tanks.

Easy maintenance and delivery
Our service teams provide maintenance of the storage vessels at your site, as well as bulk product deliveries.

Convenient off-site telemonitoring
Our telemonitoring systems track your gas consumption remotely and alert us when gas delivery is needed. That means you can focus on your processes while our service teams monitor your gas levels to ensure timely delivery.

Wide array of training and services
Our trained application specialists can provide on-site training, audit, safety and process analysis services to help your plant achieve  heightened operational efficiency.

Industrial gas supply

Air Liquide Canada provides industrial gases that are produced in either air-separation units (oxygen, nitrogen and argon) or dedicated plants (carbon dioxide and hydrogen). Gases are stored as liquid in our production units and delivered directly to your premises with cryogenic trailers.

Related services

At Air Liquide, we know that a reliable gas supply is crucial to your operations, whether you need basic or full process support. Our teams work with you to help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective supply mode based on your requirements in terms of purity, flow and safety, as well as the volume of gases needed for your manufacturing processes. Our goal is to offer a safe and efficient supply chain that meets the specific requirements of your industry.

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