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Discover our wide selection of safe and reliable gas cylinders

When you use less than 500 m3 of gas per month, gas cylinders are the perfect solution. We have a complete range of ergonomic, safe and easy-to-use gas cylinders available in many sizes and materials. Our team will help you find the gas cylinders and accessories that best fit your needs from our stores. Our cylinder gases are available in liquid or gaseous form.

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Portable specialty gases cylinders
For your specialty gases needs, we offer portable and lightweight cylinders that are a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure cylinders.
You get ultra-pure, high-accuracy calibration gases in a wide variety of non-returnable cylinder sizes and volumes. Look for our SCOTTY ™  and CALGAZ ™  brands of portable specialty gases cylinders.
If you’re interested in disposable cylinders for your applications, contact our dedicated specialty gases team at 1-800-217-2688, or by email.

Gas cylinders in several sizes and formats

  • Light usage: Discover our ALbee products, a range of portable, lightweight cylinders designed for light industrial use. These rent-free cylinders are equipped with tulip caps for even more portability and safety.
  • Higher volume usage:  Our XPR™ (extra high pressure) gas cylinders are perfect for higher volume use, reducing the need for cylinder changes.
  • A wide range of sizes and formats: Our cylinder gases are available in gaseous or liquid form and in a wide range of sizes (anywhere from 2 to 450 litres) and pressures: low, high and extra high (XPR™).  Our largest liquefied gas cylinders are available in 180 to 450 litre formats.
  • Consult our cylinder size chart to find the gas cylinder model best suited to your needs (see Resources section below).

Convenient, 16-cylinder bulk packs
Avoid delivery interruptions and get more bang for your buck with our convenient bulk packs for pure and mixed gases:

  • Get 16 gas cylinders delivered in a sturdy steel cage (cylinder sizes are 44 or 50)
  • Available for extra high pressure needs (XPR™ )
  • Ideal for a monthly gas consumption of 240 to 500 m3
  • Single-valve outlet allows easy connection to your main pipeline
  • Avoids gas loss due to vaporization

Innovative cylinder features

Safe, user-friendly and innovative components

Air Liquide designs and produces the market’s safest, most ergonomic and user-friendly cylinders and valves for small, medium and mobile gas needs, such as:

  • SMARTOP™: A cutting-edge residual pressure valve that features an on/off lever and a permanent content gauge. SMARTOP™ is included in our ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases premium offers (also available for argon, argon mixtures oxygen, acetylene and helium balloon cylinders).
  • ALTOP™: The world’s first built-in regulator with an on/off lever. One of our best-sellers, ALTOP™ is available in Canada for oxygen, acetylene, argon and argon mixture cylinders.


To learn more about cylinder gas handling equipment, please visit our Gas handling equipment for industrial gases and specialty gases pages in the Equipment section.


Get expert guidance with our gas cylinder services

  • Choose the right product: Our team can help you select the gas types and cylinder formats best suited to your needs.
  • Find the products you need: Visit our store locator to find a store, depot or distributor in your area and get the guidance and services you need.
  • Get expert advice: Visit our Services section to find out how Air Liquide can help you improve your cylinder inventory management, optimize your gas usage and find easier ways to use our products.


Tips, advice and resources at your fingertips

At Air Liquide Canada, we think it’s important to help you learn how to use our gases safely and effectively. The following resources will help you learn how to best manage your gas cylinders to increase workplace safety and to lower costs:

These resources and many more are available in the Technical documentation category of our Customer support section.

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