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Image of a pipeline installation of Air Liquide - Air Liquide Canada supplies gases (oxygen,nitrogen,hydrogen) via pipelines to large gas consumers industries


A safe and reliable industrial gas supply for large gas consumers

Does your company require large volumes of gas for its manufacturing or production processes? Thanks to our network of plants and pipelines located in major Canadian industrial zones, we can provide you with a convenient supply of oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen when and where you need it. Whether you are in the metals, chemicals and refining industries or another sector, we can meet large volume requirements thanks to our safe and reliable pipeline networks.

Why choose us

A safe supply mode
A continuous-use pipeline gas supply is the most efficient and reliable way to deliver gases to large industrial customers.
Our strong commitment to safety and operational excellence combined with our experience and knowledge of pipeline operations allows us to provide a safe and reliable supply of industrial gases essential to your continuous or batch operations.

A reliable partner
Our pipeline operations and industrial gas production facilities are monitored 24/7 within our operations control center located in Montreal. The operations control group's primary objective is to ensure our customers receive a reliable and continuous supply of industrial gas and to assist them with product supply and coordination when needed.

A cost-effective supply mode
Pipelines are an economical supply mode for industries with large volume requirements for their operations. Air Liquide Canada’s pipeline networks supply industrial gases to the chemicals, steel manufacturing and downstream oil and gas industries, including the refining and petrochemical sectors.

Gas supplied

Air Liquide Canada supplies oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen through its pipeline network and can also offer syngas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide), depending on our customers' needs.

Did you know Air Liquide provides cogeneration?

What is cogeneration?
Cogeneration consists of simultaneously and efficiently producing electricity and steam, generally by consuming natural gas and water. The electricity produced is supplied to the industrial facility while the steam is used for industrial processes. Cogeneration is an environmentally virtuous process, since it avoids energy losses by harnessing the heat emitted during electricity production to produce steam.

Air Liquide Canada’s 80 MW cogeneration plant, located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, is a leading example of how cogeneration can be used to optimize energy use.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce overall electricity cost through avoidance of grid transportation and distribution charges
  • Enhance site reliability through additional redundancy of supply (combination of on-site generation and grid back-up)
  • Improve site efficiency through burning waste gas in gas turbine rather than flaring
  • Reduce costs through sharing of utilities, such as cooling water, water treatment and compressed air
  • Avoid transmission losses as power is provided directly to the host
  • Lower emissions compared to overall grid production in some markets

Related services

At Air Liquide, we know that a reliable gas supply is crucial to your operations, whether you need basic or full process support. Our teams will work with you to help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective supply mode based on your requirements in terms of purity, flow and safety, as well as the volume of gases needed for your manufacturing processes.

Our goal is to offer a safe and efficient supply chain that meets the specific requirements of your industry.

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Air Liquide Canada – with its subsidiary Air Liquide Engineering & Construction – offers a full spectrum of standard and customized solutions, with the support of its engineering center in Calgary and its business offices in Montreal.

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The company draws on its expertise in engineering, procurement and construction, manufacturing, technology development and FEED studies to meet the challenges of the most complex projects, to maintain control over reliability and to deliver on performance targets.

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